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ALUGOLDEN is established in 2003 with 18 years experience specialized in aluminum composite panel in China . With advanced production technology and equipment , we produced high quality and effective-cost ACP panels . Because of strict quality assurance system , ALUGOLDEN has passed ISO9001 and ISO 2001 Certificate , CE certificate, Fireproof certificate, SGS certificate, Test report etc .

During this 18 years , we have build up great sales networks and service organizations in dozens of countries and regions around the world , such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East ,North America ,South America ,Africa ,Europe and so on . So welcome all customers inquiry us from All over the world . We will offer you our most competitive price to support you open your market .



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    Alugolden Technology

    Alugolden has a complete strict quality assurance system, as well as successfully passed ISO 9001, CE, ISO, Fireproof certifications and so on.

    Excepting for bringing in two advanced automatic aluminum composite panel production lines, we use high-quality materials from USA and Sweden, applying advanced aluminum-plastic production technology from Japan, leading to manufacture high-class ACP panel for interior and exterior finishes.

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    Alugolden Output

    Alugolden produce PE and PVDF coated aluminum composite panels, fire resistant, self-cleaning nano coated, mirror finish, brushed, wooden grain & granite grain aluminum composite panels and signboard aluminum composite panels for advertising usage.

    Except for main producing ACP, we can also offer all accessories for ACP panel installation. Our annual output is more than 5 million square meters.

    We have exported to more than 80 countries, and our more than 500 customers all over the world.

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