ACM panels are widely used around the world

ACM panel flexibility in color and design

The client needs to choose the color that is most similar to the predefined color, and the ACP panel predefined colors are usually not exactly the same. Aluminum composite panels solve this problem. Additionally, you can choose products that mimic the natural grain of wood and metal. These models are popular in terms of beauty and natural design. For example, a wood pattern can be chosen for a wall garden.

Customers can choose from various colors. The first is solid colors, which are simple colors with outstanding beauty. Another option is corporate colors, often recommended for business people who want to have their own unique color set. Finally, there is customization that enables individual textures and designs.

Durability and high strength of aluminum composite panels

The plastics and metals used in the panels make these products durable. ACP panels are highly resistant to abrasion and do not change their shape, especially in harsh and resistant climatic conditions. They also maintain the quality of the paint. This is demonstrated in all buildings decorated with ACP panels. Additionally, they are corrosion resistant and have a 40-year lifespan in harsh conditions. For more details, you can check out our other articles on ACM tables.


Aluminum sheet is one of the most cost-effective building materials. High quality and low initial manufacturing costs make it a very pleasant purchase for homeowners. Homeowners can use these materials to save money. This is because it saves energy and gas, but also reduces energy, especially in countries where temperatures are typically cooler


Although these panels are lightweight, they are durable. The panels are one-fifth the weight of the rest of the building material.

in conclusion

Most panels can be ordered and selected based on the area of ​​use and required functionality. Furthermore, these panels are mostly fire resistant. Many prominent building facades have used these panels, and ACM panels are widely used around the world, making them one of the most commonly used building materials in construction. For your next project, don’t forget to choose aluminum composite panels. You can call us without hesitation.