Exterior wall cladding

Our work of exterior acp includes designing of new buildings or transforming the existing building structure into the new versatile looks and style without any structural change of existing building structure. These are widely used as one of the mostly used material in modern construction of different buildings like acp sheets are used in shopping malls, multiplexes, hospitals, gas stations, metro stations, showrooms, hotels, airports, education institutes, cinema halls, etc. the exterior acp sheets have panel thickness of 3mm & 4mm with coil thickness 0.20mm - 0.50mm.

Advertising Board

Because of a variety of superiorities, the aluminum plastic panel has already become the most applicable material for the metal curtain wall, one of the top three kinds of curtain walls (natural stone, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall) and is widely used in constructions of advertising signage .

Interior wall cladding

PE aluminium composite panel can be used for interior wall decoration, low building cladding, shop face decoration, partitions interior decorations, and more. This building material is also ideal for use in billboards, signboards, ceiling, eaves, balconies, kitchen, bathroom, galleries, tunnels, subway interiors and other industrial usage.