Anodizing new materials, opening up new profit growth points in the aluminum composite panel industry

1. Current situation of aluminum composite panel (ACP) market
At present, my country is the largest country in the world for the production and application of aluminum composite panels. There are about 200-250 composite production lines, the total production capacity is about 200 million square meters, and the actual production capacity is nearly 80 million to 100 million square meters. It is understood that the main problem in the current aluminum composite panel industry is unstable product quality. Fake and shoddy products not only exist in the market, but the proportion is quite high. The existence of these inferior products not only affects the popularization and application of aluminum composite panels, a new type of building decoration material, but also affects the development of the aluminum composite panel industry. In 2005, the average operating rate of my country’s aluminum composite material industry was less than 40%, and most enterprises fell into a loss situation. Huayuan, a leading enterprise in the industry, successfully turned to the export market relying on its brand advantage. Among them, alugolden, a supplier of mid-to-high-end materials, has gradually formed a popular trend after years of promotion and development of its brand anodized aluminum, especially in the application of interior and exterior materials.

2. Properties and uses of alugolden special anodized aluminum
1. Super peeling degree
alugolden anodized aluminum adopts a new process, which improves the peel strength, the most critical technical index of aluminum composite panels, to an excellent state, and improves the performance of aluminum

compositec panels in terms of flatness and other aspects accordingly.
2. Excellent environmental protection and fire protection performance
Different from the traditional paint coating, the surface oxide film of alugolden anodized aluminum coil is combined with the aluminum base material. It does not contain any flammable medium and heavy metal components, and meets the “ROHS” environmental protection standard. Therefore, it is a safe and environmentally friendly fireproof material that meets the needs of building regulations.
3. Consistent color and rich and varied decorative effects
The new process of continuous production of coils effectively ensures the uniformity of the color of each coil of aluminum, and at the same time has a variety of colors. alugolden brand anodized aluminum allows you to choose more space and show your individuality.
4. Excellent surface properties
It is antistatic, does not absorb dust and is easy to clean, and has strong anti-fingerprint ability. The surface oxide film will never fall off. It is effectively different from the shortcomings of traditional anodized aluminum, such as uneven oxide film thickness and sticky surface.
Especially in recent years, the alugolden colored mirror aluminum composite panels, which have gradually become popular in recent years, are high-quality, elegant and luxurious, and shining, such as silver, gold, black, bronze, blue, etc., have been designed by designers in large quantities and used in various countries. The project has effectively filled the blank of new domestic building decoration materials. At the same time, with its stable quality, uniform color and high cost performance, it has formed a big gap with other domestic anodic oxidation materials. With the continuous application and development of alugolden anodic oxidation new materials, new fields and new projects will continue to emerge .

3. The future development and prospect of anodized new material aluminum composite panel
As the vitality of a product, its most important component is to have new developments, including the development of new materials, new processes, and new systems. We believe that the future of alugolden anodized new material aluminum composite panel should be broad. As one of the building curtain wall products, it is irreplaceable and will continue to develop for a long time.
In addition, the foreign trade export volume of aluminum composite panels has doubled in recent years. In order to avoid domestic project arrears and vicious competition in the same industry, some manufacturers have made great efforts to open up foreign markets. At present, the regions with more exports are the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, In Turkey, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, it is believed that in the near future, anodized aluminum composite panels produced in China will be used in engineering projects around the world.