Application field of mirror aluminum composite panel

The mirror aluminum composite panel has undergone special treatment, so the surface is more glossy and beautiful than ordinary aluminum composite panels. It is precisely because of this that the use of mirror aluminum composite panels has been further expanded. Mirror aluminum composite panel refers to the aluminum composite panel that is processed by various methods such as rolling and grinding to make the surface of the plate present a mirror effect. Generally, the mirror-faced aluminum composite panels in foreign countries are rolled and rolled to produce coils and sheets. So where is the mirror aluminum composite panel suitable for use?

Mirror aluminum composite panels are mainly suitable for use in the following industries: lighting, lampshade reflectors; solar reflectors; architectural appearance; interior decoration: aluminum gussets, suspended ceilings, ceilings, wall decorations, high-end curtain walls, etc.; furniture, cabinets , display cabinets; elevators; signs, nameplates, bags; clothing trims, interior and exterior decoration of cars; interior decorations: such as photo frames; household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment panels, etc.

In daily life, we can often see mirror aluminum composite panels, whether it is on the casing of household appliances, household lamps, wall decoration, cabinets and display cabinets, elevator interiors, luggage nameplates, or interior and exterior decoration of cars, Photo frames and brackets, lamp switch panels, etc., there are too many places where you can see the existence of mirror aluminum composite panels.

Although the color, size, and shape of the mirrored aluminum composite panels are not consistent, it is undeniable that these have demonstrated the wide range of uses and popularity of the mirrored aluminum composite panels.