Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum composite panels

The surface paint of outdoor aluminum composite panels needs regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Regular cleaning not only keeps the aluminum film clean but also reduces damage, removing dirt and ensuring the long-term quality of corrosive coatings.

If the aluminum composite panel is stained with hard-to-remove tar, or if you don’t have enough regular cleaners, try removing it with a brush. However, don’t use a hard brush, especially an iron brush. Rubbing with medicated “active oils” will have unexpected effects.

With its beautiful, generous, safe and comfortable features, aluminum composite panels have been supported by more and more customers. When repairing the aluminum composite panel, it can be cleaned first, and then waxed on the hub for maintenance to make it shiny forever.

When the aluminum composite panel is cleaned with high-temperature detergent, a chemical reaction will occur on the surface of the aluminum composite panel, which will make it lose its luster and affect the appearance. The aluminum composite panel should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid salt water corrosion on the aluminum surface. If the temperature of the aluminum composite panel is high, let it cool naturally before cleaning. Do not wash with cold water.

Keep away from sharp objects. When sharp objects touch the aluminum composite panel, it will not only seriously scratch the surface, but also affect its performance, which is undoubtedly a bad influence. Clean surfaces promptly. Long-term exposure of aluminum composite panels to rain will cause late traces, which should be cleaned up in time.

The outdoor aluminum composite panels need to be separated from the ground during storage and must be stored in separate panels. Most factories now use shelves to store aluminum composite panels. Clean with a mild detergent. If the dirt on the surface is difficult to remove, please choose a neutral detergent to prevent the neutral detergent from damaging the oxide film on the surface, and immediately remove and clean it, and take protective measures.