My country has become the largest producer of aluminum composite panels

Since the early 1990s, my country introduced the first aluminum composite panel production line. However, in just over ten years, my country has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of aluminum composite panels. According to statistics, the building materials industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 10% for a long period of time, and the growth rate of demand for new building materials such as chemical building materials, such as architectural coatings, gypsum boards, and plastic steel, has exceeded 20%. Judging from the production and sales of enterprises and the construction of new production lines for aluminum composite composite panels, the growth rate of their demand is also around 20%.

It is understood that the main problem in the current aluminum composite panel industry is unstable product quality. Fake and shoddy products not only exist in the market, but the proportion is quite high. The problems found in the spot checks by the relevant departments are not the problems of the aluminum composite panel itself. As long as the production is carried out in accordance with the standards, the product quality can be guaranteed. The existence of these inferior products not only affects the popularization and application of aluminum composite composite panels, a new type of building decoration material, but also affects the development of aluminum  composite panels.