Repair method for damaged aluminum composite panel surface

If the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is not too seriously damaged, you can buy a bottle of hand spray paint of the same color, clean the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel and spray it once or twice. If the paint coating is scratched and has defects, you can ask the manufacturer or paint the same color to paint on it to cover it. If there are other foreign objects such as glue attached, you can use relevant solvents such as gasoline to scrub.

If it is damaged due to other reasons such as poor color, and it must be covered if you don’t want to dismantle and reinstall, then there are many materials to choose from, such as photo-painting on lamp cloth, acrylic board, aluminum-plastic board, etc. If the size is not properly cut and the seam is not appropriate, then the seam is used, and the seam cannot be seen without a close look.

The glue on the joints on the aluminum-plastic panels is all sealant, which is fire-proof, and it is also used to buffer the expansion and contraction of the aluminum-plastic panels at different temperatures. Glass glue is often transparent or gray, which is rarely seen. The glass seam with high transparency is black glue, which is a sealant, but glass glue can also be used instead. Generally, ordinary glass glue is used for indoor use, but it is recommended to use professional glass glue for outdoor use.