What are the types of aluminum composite panels

The first is the type of aluminum composite panel:

1. Classification by product function:

1 Fireproof board: use flame retardant core material. When the product encounters high temperature, it will form a fire protection system, which can effectively block the spread of fire source in the face of high temperature environment.

2. Antibacterial and mildew-proof aluminum compositepanel:

The aluminum composite panel adopts unique raw materials, which have 90% effect on sterilization and anti-mildew, especially in rainy weather such as returning to the south in the south, which can effectively prevent the reproduction of mold.

3. Anti-static aluminum compositepanel:

The anti-static aluminum composite panel coated with anti-static paint has a surface resistance lower than 109Ω, which is lower than that of ordinary composite panels. Therefore, static electricity is not easily generated. And the dust in the air is not convenient to attach to its surface.
2. Classification according to surface treatment effect:

1. Decorative coated aluminum composite panel:

Various decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminum plate. Commonly used fluorocarbon coatings include metallic paint, conventional paint, and pearlescent paint. This is the most common variety on the market. The effect of fluorescent colors and other colors on decoration is the most common variety on the market.
2. Oxidation painting of aluminum composite panels: the aluminum alloy panels are anodized in time. It will produce unique gorgeous colors to meet customers’ needs for different colors.

3. Composite decorative film sheet:

That is, according to the conditions of the set process, the color pattern film adhesive is directly coated on the primed aluminum plate or directly on the degreased aluminum plate through adhesion. The main varieties of treated aluminum panels are gank, wood grain panels, etc. Aluminum composite plate printing and printing various patterns on various transfer paper imitating natural patterns through advanced computer technology, and then various imitating natural forms are indirectly copied on aluminum composite plates through thermal transfer technology.

4. Brushed aluminum composite panel:

The drawing technology is used to form a drawing pattern on the cover of the aluminum-plastic film to form a unique aluminum composite panel, which has more aesthetic value.

5. Aluminum-plastic glass panel: The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished like a mirror.

There are many types of aluminum composite panels, and their application scenarios are also very wide.