Which brand of aluminum composite panel is good

1. Which brand of aluminum composite panel is good

Aluminum composite panels are very popular in the decoration market. There are many brands. Among them, the materials used by Jiangsu KingerTai in the production process are carefully selected and the quality is guaranteed. Therefore, if you want to buy aluminum composite board, you can choose this brand

Second, how to judge the quality of aluminum composite panels

1. Look at the appearance of the aluminum composite panel. During the production process of high-quality aluminum composite panels, every link is attached great importance to. The appearance is relatively flat, and there will be no bubbles, scratches, etc., so it can be judged by looking at its appearance.

2. High-quality aluminum composite panels, the thickness of its inner wall panels is 3mm, which can be measured with measuring tools.

3. You can fold the corners of the aluminum composite panel with your hands to see if there will be cracks. If it is easy to break, it means that the version is mixed with defective composite in the process, and the high-quality version is being produced. The process uses PE material.

4. When buying, you can ask the merchant to show the quality inspection report or the national quality certification. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and the market price of high-quality aluminum composite panels will be much higher than that of defective ones, but the quality It is indeed guaranteed.