Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel


Wooden ACP panel is one of the most popular aluminum composite panels in the world, which vividly imitate the wood texture, simple but nature. It is the perfect combination of wood natural beauty and excellent properties of aluminum wall cladding.

For now, Wooden ACP is an ideal material for building facade in the construction material market. Due to the concept of natural and environmental protection, Wooden ACP is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, which has a tendency to replace the wood graduall



Alugolden Parameters

Total Thickness 2 - 6 mm
Internal skin thickness 0.12 - 0.5 mm
External skin thickness 0.12 - 0.5 mm
Standard size 1220×2440 mm
Width 1220 /1250 / 1300 /1500 /1575 mm
Length Length can be customized by customers, up to 6500mm  
Warranty 15 years  
Thickness tolerance ±0.2 mm
Width tolerance ±2.5 mm
Length tolerance ±20 mm
Diagonal tolerance ±3 mm/m
Middle Core LDPE  
Modulus of Electricity, E (of aluminium substrate) 6.9x106 n/cm²
Moment of inertia, l 0.345 cm4/m
Rigidity, Exl 2415 kn.cm²/m
Tensile Strength, F,≥ 130 n/mm²
Permissible bending stress, Fb 53 n/mm²
Section Modulus, AW=1/c 1.75 cm3/m
Thermal linear expansion, Te
(1mm/m for temperature diff.of 40℃)
0.024 mm/mºc


Here we showed just our color chart .These are only a little part colors . In fact , we can not only produce these colors , but also the RAL color, Pantone colors . If you have your own samples ,we can also match your designed color for you . Any color is no problem for us. 

4th Color Chart
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